Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Former Librarian #13

This week we welcome an anonymous Learning and Teaching Technologies Manager to the blog.  He moved into this role from public libraries.

Name: Just Anon is OK!

Current role: Learning & Teaching Technologies Manager in a faculty at a well-known UK- based distance learning HEI

Former role: Reference Librarian in a town centre public library.

What led you to move on from libraries? I wasn’t interested in the work and I didn’t enjoy contact with the public.

What do you do in your current role? I have responsibility for policy and practice in relation to use of the internet for presenting university-level learning materials to students.

What library skills do you use in your current role? I think there’s a crossover between taxonomy and organisation of thoughts and ideas, which I have to do a lot of.

Do you think that your library skills helped you to get this position? No.

What other skills have you had to acquire since leaving the library profession in order to enable you to carry out your work? Internet and pedagogy-related skills that have only come into existence since the time I left the profession (the internet was hardly a thing in 1993).

Do you maintain any professional memberships or are there new ones which are more appropriate? I was a member of the Library Association during the time I was working in libraries but once I left I knew there was no way I would return to public libraries, so it was not worth keeping up with my membership.

Do you have any future plans/aspirations? I’d like to progress in my current institution, doing the sort of work I’m currently doing.

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