Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Former Librarian #5

This week we welcome Former Librarian Alan to the blog.  Alan has moved into a completely different area which required him to gain knowledge of bicycles!  Alan's reasoning was that he wanted to do something different; I wonder how often this may crop up throughout the year of this project.

Current role: Events Assistant ( Sustrans ) Sustainable transport charity -part-time / temporary position

Former role:Academic Liaison Librarian at university of Bedfordshire

What led you to move on from libraries? Moved from libraries as had been in the role a long time and fancied a career change / break

What do you do in your current role? Advising people on sustainable transport options ( buses / cycling / walking )

What library skills do you use in your current role? Still use library skills of info retrieval ( from bus timetables etc / Liasion with interested parties - eg bus companies / local council etc

Do you think that your library skills helped you to get this position? Customer / Communication skills might have helped in getting the post.

What other skills have you had to acquire since leaving the library profession in order to enable you to carry out your work? Organising events / bicycle knowledge.

Do you maintain any professional memberships or are there new ones which are more appropriate? Still a member of CILIP - but rarely making use of it these days !

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